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ICO Counseling


Our individually tailored services will help you transform your idea into a successful and legally compliant crowdsale.


Justas Rupšys

+ 370 653 81 654

Justas Rupšys is specializing in banking & finance law, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. His experience in consulting clients on a variety of ICO-related matters as well as ongoing academic research have provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the ICO field. This allows him to comprehensively address the concerns of the ICO market participants.

Laurynas Didžiulis, PhD

Counsel | Partner at CONFIDENCE
+ 370 675 74 462

Dr. Didžiulis is an experienced lawyer and a brilliant expert of EU financial markets regulation. He holds a PhD on the investor protection by private enforcement of MiFID. In academia, Dr. Didžiulis proposed the basic theory behind the concept and structure of financial instruments. He is a key counsellor on the asset structure and regulation of the ICO.

Paulius Miliauskas, PhD

Counsel | Partner at CONFIDENCE
+ 370 687 41 685

Dr. Miliauskas is a leading modern company law expert with extensive corporate structuring experience and exceptional shareholder/partner management knowledge. This allows him to select the best corporate rules for the companies involved in ICOs and to effectively regulate relations between ICO partners and shareholders.

Jūratė Zarankienė

Counsel | Partner at TaxLink
+ 370 658 10 343

J. Zarankienė is a highly experienced tax expert with exceptional knowledge of local and international taxation principles and tax issues which might be faced by local and international businesses. This allows her to evaluate tax consequences arising for the companies involved in ICOs and advise them on the most tax efficient business structuring.

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